it sucks that my car is wrecked but i guess that’s just life. i really hate that now i have to go back to bumming rides off of people and i had a lot of hopes for the rest of this year. now i have to take the bus to school every day again. i can’t drive to prom. i have to hitch a ride to graduation. i’m mortified.

i know :(((( i won’t have a car for quite some time

i just totaled my car!!!!!!!

Audrey Hepburn with her Best Actress Oscar that she won for Roman Holiday at the Academy Awards, 25th March 1954.


I med a man. A man da was separated… He not my boifren, he’s a fren.

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i’m eating pizza in my underwear in my room bc i don’t have a 4th block and i finally have the power to come home early